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At Dickson Associates, we go beyond expressing an audit opinion on the financial statements. Our audit teams include financial analysts who critique the client’s status quo; spotting from a third-party perspective; opportunities for revenue enhancement, costs savings, corporate governance and options for resource deployment to see our clients business grow to the next level.

Our quality control policy compels us to conduct our audits in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and also support clients in complying with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Our audit approach is risk based recognizing that risks impact on successful implementation of strategic objectives. We devote our time to listen to our clients and involve them in decision making but yet remain independent and objective. We encourage dynamism with a view of the saying that “if you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong”. Each audit assignment is Partner led to enhance professional responsibility and quality assurance


In Dickson Associates Tax practice, our role is to monitor and anticipate changes to tax legislation. We quickly look at the advice tailored to our clients’ commercial requirements. As a tax adviser with Dickson Associates, you will be analyzing problems, assisting clients meet their compliance obligations, researching issues, making decisions, re-evaluating accepted wisdom and communicating complex concepts clearly, as you advise clients on how to make the best business decision in light of fiscal changes and developments.

At Dickson Associates, tax is not seen as an isolated discipline, it is an integral part of every business. Our professionals need to have a wide range of commercial skills. At Dickson Associates proper tax planning and advice is of greatest essence in ensuring that the tax burdens are not so high on the taxpayer. This is true in the form of a proper cash flow analysis which is directly influenced by the taxes paid or borne by a business.


Dickson Associates offers continuous/retainer accountancy services to clients. Our consultants train and supervise our Clients’ staff in accounting function to ensure presence of strong internal controls as lied down in the accounting system manual and our tasks majorly include the following; Supervise the preparation of cash book and ensure that all cash receipts are recorded, properly analyzed and reconciled to daily cash collection, Ensure the bank reconciliation is done monthly in time and any outstanding items reported to Management and resolved, Monthly working visit by our staff, which ensures that all transactions have been properly recorded and posted in the correct ledgers,

Ensure statutory deductions are properly handled and returns to the relevant authorities (e.g. URA, NSSF) are done within the set time limits, The Financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Accounting Standards, Company’s Act requirement and any other relevant regulations, Ensure all the necessary information is complete and supporting documents, records and accounts are kept in respect of all the Company’s expenditure, and clients Accounts are maintained in accordance with the provisions of the relevant authorities (such as Uganda Revenue Authority) and statutory information forwarded as required.


Strengthening the financial services and improving access to those services is a fundamental objective of Uganda’s development strategy that is why Dickson Associates undertakes seriously the idea of offering this service to clients. Today, most of the micro and small-scale finance institutions working in Uganda are registered as NGO’s, financial co-operatives and company limited by shares.

Other Micro finance providers are community-based organizations (CBOs), Rotating Savings and Credit Associations, Village Savings and Loan Associations and rural Finance intermediaries. These institutions have emerged to address the needs of the population, which cannot access mainstream financial services from the formal banking sector. We believe that experienced reputable business professionals should handle this transformation and help professionalize services rendered to the financially excluded.


The concept of capacity building is based on the idea of organizational development; organizational effectiveness and organizational performance management. Capacity building efforts can include a broad range of approaches, e.g. granting operating funds, management development funds, providing training and development sessions, providing mentoring and coaching, supporting collaboration with other organizations.

Dickson Associates has developed training modules for NGOS, Banks, MFIs, SMEs, Government departments and other private companies. The modules include but not limited to Fraud prevention, detection and Internal controls, financial management and Analysis, Accounting and Book keeping, Strategic and Business Planning, Product development and Innovation, corporate governance, Marketing and customer care among others.


We Work in all aspects of planning from developing budgets to strategic and Business planning. We also assist our clients maintain and strengthen and expand their market position through strategic cost management.

Dickson Associates consultants have a wide experience in drafting/ reviewing the strategic and Business Plans and use the recent financial modeling tools and soft wares for financial projections and analytics.

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